British Meat, Southern Style
British Meat, Southern Style
Rolling Smoke bbq
Rolling Smoke bbq

British Meat - Southern Style

smoked brisket, juicy and succulent, massaged in our house rub then left to marinate for 24 hours, smoked and cooked for 16 hours
Mmmmmm, fall off the bone ribs, Marinated in our house rub for 24 hours, smoked and then cooked for 6 hours

Meals on Wheels

Russ and Lindsay bring you slow cooked, British meat. Marinated in our own recipe rub, slowly smoked over mesquite,


The slow cooked pork is pulled apart before dousing your sandwich with our home made BBQ sauce. Try it topped with crunchy spicy slaw

Because of the process (and how delicious everything is) we may run out of something.  If we do, don’t be scared to try something new!

Mobile Gourmet BBQ




Rolling Smoke bbq

The Streets of Wiltshire and surrounding areas

on the right is Nick, a young lad we met at paintfest who couldn't decide what he wanted to eat, as a result of his uncertainty we created the NICK sandwich and can now be found on our menu.



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